UPRISING in New York City

The Hip Hop Film Festival in New York City receives submissions from across the world – UPRISING was selected for this year’s festival. Peter J Farmer (Director of UPRISING) visited the Festival – here’s a short video about what happened…Contact us to see how you can get involved with the UPRISING project as we look to distribute and show the film across the UK and beyond

Uprising in Bradford

On Sunday 23rd July the UPRISING Documentary was shown for the first time in Bradford

The crowd gathered armed with popcorn and cake in the cinema/basement at Jon and  Cassie Biggin’s basement. The Pre-screening was a great stage for connecting with people interested in both the filmmaking and the content, feedback was incredible helpful positive and constructive! and was a great night!

If you would like to know more about the film or get involved please contact us 

If you know of a venue or audience that would like to see the film we can arrange this with you!

If you missed this showing don’t worry there is an opportunity to see it again in bradford TBA details will be posted on the Thunderclap Films Facebook page

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#UPRISING has been selected for the Hip Hop Film festival in New York. This is an amazing opportunity to launch the film on a global scale. You can help LAUNCH UPRISING by supporting our kickstarter campaign

#UPRISING Update : Colour Grading

After the huge success of the #UPRISING prescreening, the ThunderClap Films team are busy putting the final design, animation and sound touches to the final edit!
Luke (our motion graphic and animation ninja!) is working hard to get the documentary colour graded. This involves manipulating colours and shadow to create that finished ‘cinematic’ feel and look. It’s an important part of post production where the footage is darkened/lightened and worked on before being released as a final edit!
Sometime a small tinge of red can add warmth to a scene and blues add a cold feel. It’s techniques like this that can help the story teller express feeling and mood.
Thunderclap Films offers a full video and film production service to businesses, organisations and clients. We provide professional consultation and technical know how to make projects stand out and make a noise…After all that’s why we are called #ThunderClapFilms 😉